Frieder Jan Moerman


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A digital nomad probably
out and about in a skatepark
near you.

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  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • NextJS / NodeJS
  • React (Native) / Angular
  • PHP


2018-10 Hardcodepunk

[ Concept design ] [ Graphic design ] [ Responsive web design ] [ Front-end development ]

'Hardcodepunk' is my professional developer pseudonym. It reflects my liking for 'hardcore punk', an aggressive music genre which often addresses social and political topics. Coding with an attitude.

Inspired by my favourite indie games and pixel art I came up with a design full of lil' details. I'm allergic to hyperanimated blatantly sophisticated websites. I hope I managed to keep it minimalistic and down to the essentials while respecting the vibe I wanted to summon.

Written in HTML / SASS and vanilla Javascript with the help of my custom npm script 'ez'. Icons designed in Dotgrid. Animated wolf drawn by the hand of Vincent Christiaens.

2017-12 Custom npm script 'ez'

[ Front-end development ] [ Application development ]

My personal blank website template's available for free online which uses a customized npm script as build tool (only tested in OSX) because Gulp⁄Grunt felt bloated as fuck.

In your command line interface of choice, just give in 'npm run start' — when you've moved into the project's folder — and you're good to go. Your website ready for production'll be put in the ⁄dest folder.

Features already implemented: SASS to CSS, linters & minifiers.

Boss fights

Full-time freelance designer & developer. Remote or hybrid jobs only. Formerly LUON and QU3ST(MOKU).